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Nathan Thornton's Land Purchases

I attended a genealogy conference where Lisa Louise Cooke was speaking. In a session on Google Earth, she mentioned using the Bureau of Land Management's website to look for land patents. So as soon as I got home, I went and checked out my 3rd great grandfather, Nathan Thornton. I knew he came to Iowa about 1845 and settled in Polk County, near present-day Ankeny.

I learned between March 1, 1850, and May 1, 1855, he acquired approximately 496 acres of land. Wow!!! What was interesting to plot these purchases out on Google Earth and see what was there in the present time period. I still do not know where his homestead was, but I would assume he built a home on land in his first purchase.

His first purchases were on March 1, 1850 in :

160 acres in Twp - Rng 080N - 23W  Section 29, SW 1/4: 
He purchased the entire SW 1/4 (lower left quarter) of section 29. (See pink dot in center of section. this is the center of the section.) This piece of property is east of I-35 and across the str…