Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week 11: James Frederick Haworth

Several weeks ago, I told you about my 6th great grandfather, George E. HAWORTH. Today I’m going to tell you about his son, James Frederick HAWORTH, my 5th great grandfather.

Going back to George E., he had seven known children, including James Frederick HAWORTH. James was born in October 1719, in Solebury Township, Bucks County Pennsylvania. In 1739 he moved to Frederick County, Virginia with his brothers. This area, near Winchester, was on Smith Creek near Apple Pie Ridge. It was here he married Sarah Wood on March 11, 1743, at the Smith River Meeting. She was born in 1720 in Frederick County, Virginia and was the daughter of Richard WOOD and Susannah DILLON in Solebury Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania. They had six children, all born in Frederick County:

1.       Richard HAWORTH (1744-1813)
2.       Jemima HAWORTH (1747-1828)
3.       George H. HAWORTH (1749-1837)
4.       James HAWORTH (1751-1827)
5.       Elizabeth HAWORTH (1754-1832)
6.       Sarah HAWORTH (1756-1831)

In the 1750s, Indian raids instigated by the French terrorized the frontier settlements and many abandoned their farms. James was killed on October 10, 1757, while being driven off his farm by Indians. Sarah took her family, along with her in-laws to North Carolina. She married again, this time to Peter Ruble in 1759 and they had one son and three more daughters. They moved to Tennessee where Sarah died in 1769.

Richard H. HAWORTH, the eldest child, was born in 1744 and married his first cousin, Anna DILLON, in 1765 in Frederick County, Virginia. He died in 1813 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.

Jemima HAWORTH, born in 1747 in Frederick County, Virginia, married John WRIGHT in 1768 at the Bush River MM in Newberry, South Carolina. They moved to Tennessee where John died in 1797. Jemima and her family then moved to Ohio in 1803 and she died at age 80 in Highland County, Ohio. They had twelve children, and all of the children’s names started with the letter J – kind of like a reality family on television a few years back.

You will have to wait until next week to learn more on George H. HAWORTH, my 4th great grandfather. I will tell you, though, that he married Susannah DILLON.

James M. HAWORTH was born in 1752 and moved with his family to North Carolina and then Tennessee. He eloped and married Mary Reece in 1784. She was born in Frederick County, Virginia and was the daughter of William Reece and Charity DILLON (the niece of the wives of Richard and George). In 1802, the family moved to the Northwest Territories, the area now known as Highland County, Ohio. In 1842, they then moved to Hendricks County, Indiana. James died in 1827 and was buried in Danville, Ohio. Mary then moved to Hamilton County, Indiana to live with her son Levi and died there in 1850.

Elizabeth HAWORTH was born in Virginia in 1754 and after moving to North Carolina married Peter DILLON. He was the son of Daniel DILLON and Lydia B. Hodgson. They stayed in North Carolina until after it became part of Tennessee.

Sarah HAWORTH was born in 1755 in Frederick County, Virginia. She married James WRIGHT, a brother of John who married her sister Jemima. They were the sons of John WRIGHT and Rachel WELLS.

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