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Week 12: George Haworth

In Week 11 I wrote about James Haworth, my 5th great grandfather. This week I'm going to write about his son George, my 4th great grandfather.
Individual Information Birth: 28 Dec 1749 - Apple Pie Ridge, Hopewell, Frederick, Virginia, United States OR Bucks County, Pennsylvania Death: 4 Jan 1837 - Quaker Point, Indiana, United States Burial: in Haworth Cemetery, Quaker Point, Vermillion, Indiana, United States Parents Father: James Frederick HAWORTH (1719-1757) Mother: Sarah WOOD (1720-1769) 4the was of James and Sarah (Wood) Haworth Spouses and Children
1.Susannah DILLON (24 Nov 1755 - Jun 1804), Marriage: 1 Nov 1773 - Hopewell MM, Frederick, Virginia, United States       Children:
               1. Mahlon HAWORTH (1775-1850)
               2. John B. HAWORTH (1778-1849)
               3. James B. HAWORTH (1781-1855)
               4. George I. HAWORTH (1783-1830)
               5. William Perry HAWORTH (1786-1867) 3
               6. Mary HAWORTH (1788-      )
               7. Sarah HAW…

Week 11: James Frederick Haworth

Several weeks ago, I told you about my 6th great grandfather, George E. HAWORTH. Today I’m going to tell you about his son, James Frederick HAWORTH, my 5th great grandfather.
Going back to George E., he had seven known children, including James Frederick HAWORTH. James was born in October 1719, in Solebury Township, Bucks County Pennsylvania. In 1739 he moved to Frederick County, Virginia with his brothers. This area, near Winchester, was on Smith Creek near Apple Pie Ridge. It was here he married Sarah Wood on March 11, 1743, at the Smith River Meeting. She was born in 1720 in Frederick County, Virginia and was the daughter of Richard WOOD and Susannah DILLON in Solebury Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania. They had six children, all born in Frederick County:
1.Richard HAWORTH (1744-1813) 2.Jemima HAWORTH (1747-1828) 3.George H. HAWORTH (1749-1837) 4.James HAWORTH (1751-1827) 5.Elizabeth HAWORTH (1754-1832) 6.Sarah HAWORTH (1756-1831)
In the 1750s, Indian raids instigated by the French te…