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Week 10: John Scarborough III

John Scarborough III, my 7th great-grandfather, was born in 1667. He married Mary Peirson at Middletown Monthly Meeting, Bucks, Pennsylvania in 1690. Mary was the daughter of Edward Pearson and Sarah Burgis. She died on January 23, 1751 at Solebury Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania.

Children of John Scarborough III and Mary Peirson:
William Scarborough b. 30 Oct 1691, d. April 1727Sarah M. Scarborough b. 4 Feb 1694, d. 4 May 1748Mary Scarborough b. 8 Aug 1695, d. 14 Jan 1787Susannah Scarborough b. 19 May 1697, d. 14 Mar 1718/19Elizabeth Scarborough b. 31 Aug 1704, d. bt 1742-1792Hannah Scarborough b. 31 Aug 1704, d. 21 Feb 1742/43John Scarborough IV b. 1706, d. 5 May 1769Robert Scarborough b. 10 Aug 1708, d. 19 Mar 1805 John (III) and his father, John Scarborough II, were Quakers and came to America in 1682 from London, England, with other Quakers and settled in Pennsylvania. John Scarborough II's wife, Sarah, was not a Quaker, but their children were. In 1682 father and son accepted W…

Week 9: John See, My Patriot

Today I'm going to tell you a little bit about John See, my 4th great-grandfather, whom I was able to prove my lineage to and join The Daughters of the American Revolution under.

John was born 10 October 1757 in Hardy, West Virginia. He was the son of Michael Frederick Zeh and Catherine Vanderpool. Last week I wrote about his father, Michael Frederick Zeh. Today I will tell more of John's story.

John was taken hostage around age six by Shawnee Indians during the Muddy Creek Massacre. (See Week 8: Federick Zeh.) (To learn more on the Muddy Creek Massacre, visit*). Accounts related by James Olson, also told by a descendant, was that Frederick See's children held up for two to three days.The smallest, John, was quite weak and his mother feared for his life. Seeing a warrior riding their horse, she indicated to him that she wanted it. When he refused, she picked up a club and attempted to knock him off the horse. 


Week 8: Michael Frederick Zeh

Michael Frederick See (Zeh) Little was the son of George Ludwig Zeh and Margaret Tschudy. It is believed he was born somewhere around 1710 and died 15 Jul 1763. It is generally thought that Michael married Catherine Vanderpool in Augusta County, Virginia, but it is possible the marriage took place in Tulpehocken (Palatine) settlement in Pennsylvania. Children born to this marriage included:

Margaret See, born about 1745George See, born about 1748Michael See, born about 1750Elizabeth See, twin, born 26 Feb 1754Catherine See, twin, born 26 Feb 1754Lois See, born about 1755John See, born 10 Oct 1757
About 1743 Frederick and his family migrated to the lower branch of the Potomac, not far from Moorefield in Hampshire County, Virginia. It is said soon after this territory was open for settlement Frederick, perhaps with his father, journeyed there. He is thought to have made the entire trip on foot, which is a distance of 500 miles round trip. In 1750 this family of Sees journeyed to Virginia…

Scrapping Sunday

Spent the day catching up on my Project Life. Was busy completing the DisneyWorld vacation album and did not complete Week 8 last week. Finalized it today. For this week, I tried something different, Ready-To-Go 12 x 12 pocket page template (Week 8) by Just Jamee. This is drastically different from my other Project Life pages. I'm kind of on the fence on this page. On one hand, I really like it and on the other, it is too busy and looks like something my 15-year-old granddaughter would like for journaling.

Week nine was completed by using Clean Lined Pocket Templates No 1 by Sahlin Studio and ROAR - Mar. '17, a memory pockets monthly kit. All products can be found at the Lilypad.

It's been a busy two weeks, show choir show, art show, science fair, babysitting, and visits with grandchildren, so I had lots to scrap.

Society Saturday

In 2013 I joined the Daughters of the American Revolution (Jean Marie Cardinell chapter). We meet the first Saturday of the month, which happens to be today. I love attending these meetings, the rituals, programs, reports, and fellowship.

Today we handed out five Good Citizen's Awards,

and our program was on Pollinators and Bee Keeping

by Jean Rhodes In addition, my cousin was my guest. She recently has become interested in genealogy and we went ahead and voted on her as a prospective member. Can't wait for her to get her paperwork submitted. 

Anna Marilda Lowell

Anna Marilda Lowell was my 2nd great-grandmother and was the wife of  David See. She was born in April 1847 in Ohio to Barnabas Lowell (I'm descended from a murdering pirate, The Murdering Pirate, Pat 2) and Joanna Titcomb. She may have been a twin as I've also seen an Anna Mariah listed as the daughter of Barnabas Lowell and Joanna Titcomb, of the same age. After the murder of her mother when she was about six years old and her father was incarcerated, the children appear to have been spread out among the citizens of of the neighboring area as an Anna M. Lowell, age 7, was recorded in the household of Isaac and Maria McCory and their children in Elkhart, Polk County, Iowa.

Anna married David See on 9 November 1865 in Story County, Iowa and they had ten known children, including my great-grandmother, the elusive Hattie Jane See. You might remember I mentioned her in my David See post.

David passed away in 1893 and Anna remarried on 7 April 1899 to Franklin Roush. If the name R…

David See

Have fallen behind in blogging, especially my 52 ancestors in 52 weeks. Let me fill you in on what has been happening--I finally have found when David See died and where.

It all started in my search to find information on when my great-grandmother, Hattie Jane See, died. My grandmother, Anna Mae Rouse, was her oldest daughter and was under seven years old when her mother died. I have not been able to find this information in my 25+ years of searching. Hattie's father was David See. Recently I came across pension files for David See online and contacted a private researcher in Washington, D.C., who, for $43.75, copied his entire pension file and sent it to me. From this file, I was able to find the missing information and more on his story. Today I will try and tell his story.

David See was born in 1836 in Macon, Illinois to John See and Nancy Morris. He was the sixth born of eleven known children. The 1850 census finds the John See household in Piatt,Piatt County, Illinois. The f…