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Project Life: Weeks Four and Five

Just realized I hadn't posted week four of my Project Life. A great week celebrating the granddaughters' turning 15, blue frosting, baby snuggles, and a dinner date with my sweetie.

Week five was spent nesting at home part of the week and celebrating my brother-in-law's birthday and community service work at my DAR meeting by making blankets for the veterans.

George E. Haworth

George E. Haworth was my 6th great-grandfather, born before 1680 in Lancashire, England. He was the son of James Haworth and Isabel Radcliffe. He emigrated, in 1699 from Liverpool.
Most all the information I have comes from Bill Putnam, Electronically Published Family History, 13 Jul 2012,, a booklet put out by the Haworth Family Association at a reunion held in Plainfield, Indiana in September of 1899 by the Haworth Family Association, and Broderbund Software, Inc., World Family Tree Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #2874 (submitted 7 Jul 1995). George's letters home to England can be found at
As a young man, George became a Quaker and accepted  William Penn's invitation to come to America to be free from religious persecution. Traveling with his sister Isabella and her husband to America, they were at sea some fourteen weeks and endured the hardships of such a long journey. His sister and brother-in-law, as wel…

Wordless Wednesday