Saturday, November 5, 2016

Some of my favorite games, toys, or ways to entertain myself

We did not have video games or electronic devices when I was growing up. When weather permitted, I would be outside with all the neighborhood kids and we found many ways to entertain ourselves. Foursquare was a great game for everyone and kids lined up during recess to play. We would continue the games at home in someone's driveway. Tetherball was another favorite of mine, both at school and at home. I had my own tetherball pole in the backyard and I considered myself quite good.

The girls in the neighborhood also played a lot of jacks and Chinese jump rope. LOTS OF CHINESE JUMP ROPE! I found this YouTube video but the patterns do not look familiar at all. I remember standing sideways, catching the elastic rope (because we made our own out of elastic) nearest you and jumping over so as not to touch the opposite side. Then separating your feet so you had a piece of elastic next to each ankle, jump turning 90 degrees.

In the evenings we would gather at one of the neighbor boy's house and play hide and seek, red light/green light, Captain may I, and lots of other great games. Then his dad would pile us in the back of his pick up and drive two miles to the Dairy Queen for ice cream.

Winter time there were lots of indoor games. At my house, the game played most often was Sorry. At my cousin's house, we played a lot of Monopoly.

I could entertain myself by watching movies and reading. I loved to read then and still love reading today.

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