Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Pot Roast

I've been waiting for Sunday to make my third meal in my Instant Pot, Sunday pot roast. 
 I also invited our son's family over. Besides making the pot roast, I made homemade bread.
Grandson J came in and said it smelled really good. The pot roast and vegetables were very good, but I still need to learn to better judge time with the instant pot. 

The recipe states to cook it for an hour, but it takes time to reach pressure before it starts cooking. After an hour, instructions state to add the vegetables and cook 10 minutes and again it took time to start cooking again.  I had planned on eating at 3 but it wasn't ready until 3:40. The kids were hungry and dug into their dinner.  

There might also have been some wine enjoyed too.

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