Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Nights Lights

I feel like a traitor! Our family (hubby and myself, brothers, sisters, and children) have all attended Lincoln High School (We are the dear old gang from LHS). Our granddaughters, though, attend Roosevelt and tonight was their homecoming game. We decided to attend Roosevelt's game. 

The band starts playing the school fight song, the crowd stands up and starts clapping. We look at each other and together stand up and start clapping. We don't know the words to the fight song, but we do know Lincoln's fight song. 

I believe we were all secretly singing (and we are pretty good you must confess). It seems their fight song ends too soon for our liking and we kept on clapping (L L L I N ... N N N C O... O O O L N) only to realize we were the only ones clapping.  

But we did cheer and they did win their homecoming game. It was a wild night. 

It was a good night all around as Lincoln also won, and our hometown's high school also son their game. If I wasn't so tired, I'd celebrate with a glass of wine.

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