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Colonial Hotel

While in Cleveland, I am staying at the Residence Inn, which sits between the Colonial (1898) and Euclid Arcades (1911).   Colonial Arcade today.
These arcades run between Euclid and Prospect Avenues with the Euclid arcade located 100 feet west of the Colonial. The Colonial Marketplace project (circa 2000) led to the renovations in and around the arcades, including the opening of the Residence Inn in the former Colonial Hotel.
Last night while sipping free wine, I noticed these stained glass windows along the west side of the room. And on the ceiling And asked an employee about them. She explained that the Colonial  hotel was built in the 1800s and during renovations a ceiling was removed exposing the beautiful stained glass ceiling, 

Cleveland, Ohio

Yesterday was pretty much spent packing, waiting in airports, scrunched into the middle seats at the back of the airplane, and cab ride to my hotel.
I got out of town just as Hillary's plane landed at the Des Moines International Airport.
I had a way too short stop in Chicago, just long enough to grab a Chicago deep dish pizza and Diet Coke and snarf it down before I remembered I should have take  a picture.
Was welcomed in Cleveland by Superman. I picked up my dinner in the hotel lobby before retiring to my room.  Please don't judge me. (Bag of pretzels and wine.)

Sunday Pot Roast

I've been waiting for Sunday to make my third meal in my Instant Pot, Sunday pot roast.   I also invited our son's family over. Besides making the pot roast, I made homemade bread. Grandson J came in and said it smelled really good. The pot roast and vegetables were very good, but I still need to learn to better judge time with the instant pot. 
The recipe states to cook it for an hour, but it takes time to reach pressure before it starts cooking. After an hour, instructions state to add the vegetables and cook 10 minutes and again it took time to start cooking again.  I had planned on eating at 3 but it wasn't ready until 3:40. The kids were hungry and dug into their dinner.  
There might also have been some wine enjoyed too.

Slow down, you move too fast

Tonight these two young ladies went to their first Homecoming Dance. Seems like just yesterday they were sitting on my lap for stories. Enjoy yourself.

Going to the Dog Park

We moved to our new community three years ago. Shortly after moving here, I contacted the city able up a dog park. They showed an interest and we moved forward in forming a dog park committee and raising funds. Today was the first day it was opened. We took Angel and Rosie over this morning (wet grass and all). We were the only ones there. They checked every inch out.n Then later this afternoon grandson Luke came over and suggested we go to the dog park. So we went back. This time there were three other dogs there.  Angel was very excited but had to be reminded to play nice when she felt another dog was getting too personal. After that everything was just fine. 
All the running exhausted them and now they are sawing logs.  

Friday Nights Lights

I feel like a traitor! Our family (hubby and myself, brothers, sisters, and children) have all attended Lincoln High School (We are the dear old gang from LHS). Our granddaughters, though, attend Roosevelt and tonight was their homecoming game. We decided to attend Roosevelt's game. 

The band starts playing the school fight song, the crowd stands up and starts clapping. We look at each other and together stand up and start clapping. We don't know the words to the fight song, but we do know Lincoln's fight song. 
I believe we were all secretly singing (and we are pretty good you must confess). It seems their fight song ends too soon for our liking and we kept on clapping (L L L I N ... N N N C O... O O O L N) only to realize we were the only ones clapping.  
But we did cheer and they did win their homecoming game. It was a wild night. 
It was a good night all around as Lincoln also won, and our hometown's high school also son their game. If I wasn't so tired, I'd ce…


It's official ... I'm counting down the days until retirement (January 12, 2017 is my last day of work). Looking forward to having more time to spend with my husband, sitting home on a snowy day in front of the fireplace reading a good book (and maybe sipping a glass of wine) and cuddling with a dog or two.

I'm going to

Spend time with family.Spend more time on genealogy.Organizing my files and office.Nap.Take more walks.Read.Travel.Take more online classes. What are you looking forward to in 2017?