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11months in four paragraphs

Last I posted was in September and I was busy trying to get my DAR application ready (and finding pirates in my closet).  It was a long process. My application had some "holes" in it I had to clear up by further research and writing letters supporting my application.  It was voted on in April and in May I became an official member of the DAR.  Now I have about five other ancestors I wish to pursue for additional DAR lineages. 
I've spent 1,999,999 hours in Emergency rooms with my mother. Anyway it feels like that many hours. It seems like ages since I've scrapped anything.  I miss it.

We added a new baby to our family in December -- a lemon and white beagle we named Angel. 

Over the last 30+ years we will occasionally look at houses to move to, but it never goes anywhere.  Well this year, we found our perfect home, in a community just a few miles from where we currently live.  We went are from 900 square feet on one floor to 2350 square feet on three floors, at a time …