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The Murdering Pirate, Part 2

Researching my pirate ancestor, Barnabas Lowell, I found some additional information. The following was taken "History of Story County," A Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement by W. O. Payne, Chicago: The S.J. Clarke Publishing Co, page 36-37, discussing early settlers:
...those who came in this year, with all the exultance of their hopes, Had virtually all the empty to pick from. One of these incomers, who is left some record of his arrival, was Jeremiah Ray. He came in November, over the Jasper County Trail, crossing the county line near the headwaters of Wolf Creek, somewhat west of the residence of William Parker. Hey drove northwesterly, seeking the cabin of Sam McDaniel. Which seems to have been a rendezvous for what settlers there were then in the county, and was the place before noted at which the election of 1852 have been held in this portion of the county. About the time that he saw the smoke of the Macdaniel cabin, he met on the Prairie and…

I'm descended from a murdering pirate

As mentioned in my last post, "Family Secret," I learned that an ancestor, my 3rd great grandfather, was born in England and murdered his wife, my 3rd great grandmother. Today I learned that he was also a pirate. Maybe that is why I changed my language to "Pirate" on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

The following came in an email from a volunteer, Tamara Jorstad, who does lookups on the Nevada Evening Journal.  Thank you to Tamara and all the volunteers.

1853 -- Nevada Evening Journal Centennial Edition -- 1953

Nevada, Iowa, June 13, 1953
Vol. 59, No. 64, Section Page 16
Published June 13, 1953 *copyright protected *

100-Year-Old Court Docket Reveals First Murder Trial

Some of the very first pages of Story county history are unfolded in an old leather bound volume labeled “The First Justice Docket in Story County” the first entry in which is dated June 23, 1853.

This volume, which will be 100 years old this month, came near being burned in a pile of rubbish when the late John V.…

Family Secret

I've known sometime that my great-grandmother, Hattie Jane See, was the daughter of David See and Anna Marilda Lowell. But I haven't know anything about Anna Lowell. This morning I'm searching for documentation for my DAR and came across an old piece of information mentioning the name Barnabas Lowell. So I did a search on and came across an online family tree by njlowell857. I learned lots of interesting information on Barnabas, including
He was born in England in 1796Enumerated in Washington, Parke County, Indiana in 1850Tried for murder in 1854 for the death of his wife in Story County, IowaDied at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison after being sentenced to death Wow!!! Of course I've had to dig deeper. In the History of Story County Iowa by W.G. Allen (pages 55-56), I found the following under "Homicides and Other Items."

About August 1853, Barnabas Lowell lived in a cabin on East Indian Creek, north of the McDaniel saw-mill. He had qu…

Remembering 9-11

I think everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing 11 years ago today.
I should have left for work, but my husband and I were going through a rough patch and he had gotten home from work 15 minutes before and wanted to discuss some issues. I was trying to get out the door at the same time answer his questions when the Today Show broke in with the story about the first plane hitting the Twin Towers. While watching it we then watched as the second plane hit. I called work and told them I would be late and asked if they had heard. They hadn't. As soon as the second plane hit, I knew this was no accident. .I did then go into work and when I got the everyone was watching the TV and watched the other events unfold. 
I went home and realized what we were discussing that morning was nothing compared to what had happened and we were very thankful for the life we have.

Daughters of the American Revolution

I've known for sometime that I am descended from a Revolutionary War Patriot, but just now looking into applying for membership to the DAR.  Yesterday I was proposed for membership and approved.  Now I need to complete my PplicTion and gather my supporting documentation.  Oh my!
I've spent my free time searching for my documentation.  Couldn't find it online so am going to have to visit the Iowa Historical Library.

First day of Pre-K

Today was this young man's first day of preschool.
He wasn't so sure he wanted to go, informing us his teacher said there is no crying in class. He wanted nothing to do with first day pictures at home Going so far as to walk away and hide behind the neighbors shrub. But then we got to his school and he enjoyed showing off his locker, and hiding in his locker. After school we went to Orange Leaf FroYo for ice cream. He had a great first day of school.

Time to Scrap

Sitting here tonight watching Big Brother and the Democratic National convention and scrapping.  Finished pages one and two of our South Dakota vacation.

Earlier this evening we had company for dinner.  Love these little spontaneous gatherings.  Tomorrow morning Jaren starts his first day of kindergarten.  I've taken a day of vacation so I can get pictures of him before and entering school.  We will then go out to lunch afterwards to celebrate.  I haven't missed a first day of school yet.

Secret to a happy life

After spending a weekend with my husband's 94-year-old aunt and dealing with my own 85-year-old mother's "issues" this summer, I can't help but compare their lives and look-out on life and think I have some "keys" to being happy.

Both women are the sole survivors of their families, having lost parents and siblings. My mother has children living close by to help her out, whereas my husband's aunt never had any children and none of her nieces  or nephews live close by. She has worked her entire life, both at her full-time job and as the financial officer at the church.  She has had to move to a care facility a year ago because of some health issues, but gets up early each morning, gets dressed and puts on her makeup, and goes about her day. I swear everyone in town knows her -- you can't take her anywhere without people always coming up to say hi and talk with her.  She doesn't let dwell on the negatives in her life, but stays positive.  She&#…

Dinner at Red

We are in Vermillion,  South Dakota to spend time with family. Went to dinner tonight at Red's, a wonderful restaurant in the old Bank Building.  
Thought of my daughter and son-in-law while enjoying these onion rings. They are just like those we had in Custer a month ago--not your typical onion rings. 
We always have this room for our gatherings.  Clint Eastwood and buffalo head on the wall and the wine racks.