Saturday, December 3, 2011

First Trip Couponing

So I've been seeing some news stories about a local woman, Katie Kimmerman, and how she saves money by couponing. Katy teaches classes locally what she has learned plus she has a website, So I set out last night with my hubby to Target for some shopping. He didn't know what he was getting himself in for though until we walked in and I handed him a cart and took one for myself (two purchases of $50 or more for $10 gift card--see below).

Before going, I planned out my trip, printed off Target coupons and added manufacturer coupons, along with coupons for $10 gift card with a $50 purchase simply for "liking" Target on Facebook. I looked for deals where I could stack coupons to increase my savings.

Counting the two $10 gift cards to use on future purchases, we saved 28% ($52.78) and spent $135.64. My best deal was a Hormel pork roast at $5.95 with a manufacturers peel off coupon for $3. To top this off, I had purchased awhile back two bottles of Mad Housewife wine and both bottles had $1 off coupons  (no expiration date) on meat purchases. I stacked this $1 coupon with the $3 and got the roast for $1.95.

Here's a summary of some of my larger savings:
  • Keebler cookies priced at two for $5.00. Store coupon $1 off two packages and manufacturers coupon for a $1 off. Savings of $2.
  • Keebler crackers -- buy three ($2.50 each) and get $1 off plus store coupon for another $1 off. Savings of $2.
  • Ore Ida French fries on sale for $2.50 with manufacturers coupon of $1 off per purchase. One bag in my cart and on in my husbands for a $2 savings.
  • Chex Mix two at $2.19 each minus Target coupon of 50 cents and manufacturers coupon of 75 cents. Savings of $1.25.
  • Yogurt 10 at 67 cents each with a savings of $1 off of 10. Savings $1.
  • By signing up for a Red Card debit card, we are now able to save 5% on our purchases, which last night amounted to a savings of $7.25

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