Friday, July 22, 2011

Week of vacation and overnight with the Grands

After swimming lessons yesterday, the three oldest grands came over to spend the day and stay overnight.

Luke passed his level and is moving on to level 3. He was very happy and proud of himself.

After picking up lunch at McDonalds and bringing it  home, the day was spent various ways. Luke and I played Super Mario Brothers for awhile and Grandpa and the girls watched Pirates of the Carribean. We also made a trip to Target to pick up a OIJA board. Mia also brought out the scrap books to look at.

The kids mom and dog came over to visit in the evening. The two dogs had lots of fun playing. Jeremy, Sarah, Jaren, Keira, and Liam dropped by too and the kids had so much fun playing together. Can't wait until Jaren and Keira are ready to spend the night.
Had some problems with the inflatable bed losing air and they ended up mostly sleeping on the floor last night. Luckily they are young enough to do that.
Today Grandpa and Cailey are putting together a puzzle.

Luke and I played some more Super Mario Brothers, Mia played with Leggos and also the Wii
and both Luke and Mia spent some cuddling time with Rosie during her nap time.

Great time with the grands.

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