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Police Blotter -- Woman slings Brat (bratwurst not a bratty child) and is arrested

From the Des Moines Register:
A Des Moines woman was arrested Tuesday for allegedly launching a bratwurst and staining another woman’s clothing.

Tajuana Jenique Banks, 31, was charged with simple assault for allegedly throwing the food at Connie Jones, 63, at Jones’ residence in the 1400 block of East Ninth Street.

Jail records show Banks has been arrested 11 times on 20 charges since May 2007.
Jones told police Banks regularly comes to her home and tries to start arguments.
Police said Jones refused to fight with Banks on Tuesday, so Banks allegedly picked up the brat and tossed it at Jones.

Officers took Banks into custody after finding a grease mark near Jones’ neckline.

Just when you find a good wine....

it's sold out! There is a winery, Jasper Winery, about four miles from where I live. On Thursday nights during the summer they have their Summer Concert Series celebrating the summer and local music. You take your lawn chairs for an evening of relaxing on the lawn enjoying the music. They grill burgers and brats, and sell wine, sangria and beer by the glass.
Last week we tried a wine we hadn't tasted before. It was a 2009 Noiret, a fairly new variety (2006), which produced an EXCELLENT dry red wine with  pepper aromas and good tannin structure. It was so good we bought a bottle--ONE bottle. That bottle is now gone and we were told they were getting towards the end of their supply so we ran down there today to pick up several more bottles. Imagine how sad we were to find it was sold out.
We didn't leave empty handed, though. We picked up two bottles of Chancellor, a medium-bodied red displaying  characteristic aromas of cedar and plum, with a dark and rich berry flavo…

Favorite Scrap Girls Items

Did you know today was All or Nothing Day? Don't believe me? Google it.In honor of today, my favorite Scrap Girl product just might be Follow your Bliss Scrap Pack BIGGIE.
Since four of my six grandchildren have birthdays during the summer months, I'd also pick Arts and Crafty Kids Value Pack as a favorite. I love that in addition to the Arts N Crafty Kids collection biggie, you also get ScrapSinple Alpha Templates Play Dough and ScrapSimple Paper Templates Fingerpaint.

A rude wake-up call

I woke up this morning around 4:20. Laid in bed and could hear noises outside. My first thought was raccoons fighting/mating. My bedroom is on the back of the house and there is a creek that runs behind it. Made perfect sense to me. I opened the bedroom window and realized a woman was screaming and there were male voices too. I jumped out of bed to get the phone in the living room. I was going to call 911 even though I had no idea where the screaming was coming from.
Turns out when I got to the living room the screaming is much louder. I looked outside to see a police officer holding two individuals at gunpoint on the ground a a woman in a night gown screaming. The officer is yelling at her, she's screaming, yelling at the guys spread-eagle on the ground and the two guys are yelling. Let's just say there was lots of yelling--enough to wake most the neighborhood it turns out.
He was the only officer on the scene at that time. I woke up my husband (and Rosie) and by now we could…

Week of vacation and overnight with the Grands

After swimming lessons yesterday, the three oldest grands came over to spend the day and stay overnight.

Luke passed his level and is moving on to level 3. He was very happy and proud of himself.

After picking up lunch at McDonalds and bringing it  home, the day was spent various ways. Luke and I played Super Mario Brothers for awhile and Grandpa and the girls watched Pirates of the Carribean. We also made a trip to Target to pick up a OIJA board. Mia also brought out the scrap books to look at.

The kids mom and dog came over to visit in the evening. The two dogs had lots of fun playing. Jeremy, Sarah, Jaren, Keira, and Liam dropped by too and the kids had so much fun playing together. Can't wait until Jaren and Keira are ready to spend the night.
Had some problems with the inflatable bed losing air and they ended up mostly sleeping on the floor last night. Luckily they are young enough to do that.
Today Grandpa and Cailey are putting together a puzzle.

Luke and I played some more…