Saturday, January 22, 2011

Designer Digitals Tip of the Week

Just saw this awesome tip at Designer Digital on adding texture to photos and thought I'd try it.  Here's a layout I previously did:

To make my photo look like it was printed on textured paper, I began by opening a photo and a canvas or linen paper.  I used Chocolate Craving from Chocolate Craving collab kit from Pretty Scrappy. 

Next I used the Move tool to drag the textured paper over my photo, completely covering the photo. Next you create a clipping mask by moving your cursor between the photo layer and the paper layer in the Layers Panel and hold the Alt key (Mac: Opt key) while you click. 

Next, I selected the paper layer and press Ctrl U (Mac: Cmd U) on your keyboard to activate the Hue/Saturation dialog box. You need to drag the Saturation slider all the way to the left to remove the color. If you do not do this, colors in the paper design can change the colors of your photo.

Finally, change the blending mode from Normal to Overlay. The blending mode drop-down menu can be found at the top of the Layers Panel. When you change the blending mode, you'll see the photo take on the texture of the paper. Try experimenting with other blending modes like Soft Light, Multiply and Linear Burn to see which one you like best for your photo and paper choice. 

Here is my "after":

You can also watch this tip on video on their blog: Adding Texture to Photos in Photoshop and PSE [Video]

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