Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rosie Update

Having a new puppy in the house is lots of work. So far we have been trained pretty good. Puppy eats, puppy goes outside to potty; puppy wakes up, puppy goes outside; puppy goes to the door, puppy goes outside. First night we were awaken three times by whining and she was taken outside to go potty. Second and third nights she woke us up twice each night to go outside and only once on the fourth night. The fifth night she slept the entire night!! She did wake up once on the sixth night.

She has stolen our hearts.

While writing this, something terrible happened to poor Rosie. Max, one of our older beagles who is blind and jumpy attacked her, biting clear through her ear. I am very upset right now and have been holding her consoling her.

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