Thursday, November 18, 2010

Optimizing your RSS Feed

Kevin and Amanda dot com has a great post today, 9 Quick Steps To a Better Blog Experience.  Step number 3, Optimizine your RSS feed.  This is the best idea ever as I read most of my blogs from my Google  Reader. Unfortunately Google Reader doesn't give me an option to leave a comment. I have to scroll back to the top of the post to click on the blog so I can leave a comment.

Kevin and Amanda dot com points out a super easy way to comment by using Feedburner to insert a link at the bottom of your RSS feed that encourages readers to leave their comments or even share on Facebook or Twitter.  From Kevin and Amanda dot com:

Create a Feedburner account. Click on your feed, and go to Optimize > FeedFlare. Check Email This, Comments Count, Share on Facebook, and Stumble It! and Activate the service. You want at least those four, but not so many that your readers are overwhelmed and don’t know what to click.
Next you’ll need to redirect your Blogger feed to your new Feedburner feed. From your Blogger Dashboard, go to Settings > Site Feed. Look for the Post Feed Redirect URL box and type in your complete FeedBurner feed address. To find your feed address, go to your Feedburner account, and click on the little gray RSS button RSS button to the left of your blog’s name. The address that appears in the address bar at the top of the screen is your feed address. Save your new Blogger settings and you’re good to go!

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