Sunday, November 7, 2010

New member of our household

Yesterday morning my husband read me a classified ad for beagle puppies. I called and they had three females. Because of the driving distance and the fact we had a wedding to go to, we had to wait until today to go look at the puppies.  I extended an invitation to the three oldest grandchildren to go and they enthusiastically said yes.

I called this morning to see if they still had the puppies and were told there were two remaining. We fell in love with both of them and it was a hard decision to make bAngel.  After an informal survey on Facebook and mulling over the names on our drive home, we settled on Rosie.
Both granddaughters were thrilled; their brother was a little apprehensive. The girls took turns holding Rosie.
Overheard from Cailey,‎"I never thought I'd be holding a real puppy in my lap."
Luke finally got his nerve up and decided to hold Rosie. Before deciding to do it,  though, I overheard him tell Cailey, "Umm Cailey she's putting her paws on my blanket. Can you get her away from me?"  He was afraid the puppy had stepped in her sister's poop and didn't want it on his blanket.

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AmyLee said...

oh my goodness, those little puppies seriously melt my heart!! congrats :)

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