Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sad day in my Kingdom

Today we put down one of our four-legged friends. Her name was Maddie and she came into my life as a birthday present on October 19, 1998. She had the sunniest disposition, and we are going to miss her. There is a big hole in my heart right now and tears have been flowing off and on all day.
Maddie was our second beagle. Jeremy and I had brought Molly into our hearts and home in 1995. She was so loved, but always in trouble.  When my birthday rolled around in 1998 Roger looked in the papers and saw a litter of beagles for sale and we took a Sunday drive and fell in love with her on sight.  She was the most beautiful beagle puppy I'd ever seen.  She had a little attention deficit thing going--fit in really well in the Jorgenson household.  We added a third beagle a year later when I spotted Max in the street on my way to work.  His age is unknown, but is somewhere between Maddie and Molly.

Molly developed Cushings about 3 or 4 years ago and hobbles around our house.  Max has become blind in his old age. Maddie always seemed so  young and healthy compared to the other two and I used to think that one day soon Maddie was going to be an only child. Then this summer she started developing problems--vomiting, fevers, etc.  Her liver was enlarged and though perhaps it was pancreatitis.  Tuesday we took her back to the vet and her levels did not look good.  It appeared her liver and/or gall bladder had something really yucky going on. They kept her to give her IV fluids and medicine and on Wednesday things were looking better. It was decided to keep her one more night. The next morning when I called I was told she was roller-coasting on them and it was decided we would pick her up and bring her home. She wouldn't eat for us and she was quickly turning yellow--eyes, ears, belly, feet.  She passed away in my arms around 1 today.  Love you Maddie, and no one will ever bully you again.
I'm so glad she will have her buddy Oscar waiting for her so they can once again snuggle up together. (Photo December 2004).

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