Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pampered Chef Stoneware does not belong in my house

You all know about Molly and her penchant to try and find food anywhere? Last night I took out the oven a cookie sheet, my square Pampered Chef stoneware pan and my small bar pan and placed them on the counter to preheat the oven. I stepped out of the kitchen for just a second and hear a crash. Molly had pulled the cookie sheet and pans off the counter and the two pieces of stoneware were in many pieces. My husband had just handed me $20, a birthday gift from his mother. He said, "Now you know what you can spend your $20 on."  I told him it might cover the small bar pan, but no way would it cover both.
7 years ago with a jar of peanut butter confiscated from the cupboard

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