Wednesday, October 27, 2010

National Potato Day

On Sunday I planned out my weekly menu (well actually Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday) as I think it will be pizza Thursday night and Friday night--who knows? Anyway, I decided Wednesday would be a big pot of potato soup. Then this morning I look at my Google calendar and I see National Potato Day listed. Who knew I was fixing potato soup on National Potato Day? Potatos are a favorite food in my household--mashed, baked, fried, you name it.
It seems National Potato Day is celebrated in the US on October 27 to celebrate the uses of the potato.
From the web site Mahalo, celebrations of National Potato Day may include indulging in a hhost of your favorite dishes, starting the day with a hash brown breakfast, lunch of a bowl of potato soup or a french fry fest trying the fries of a number of restaurants in a food court (boy that one fits me but not into my Weight Watchers points with a weigh-in tomorrow). I'll settle on a bowl of potato soup for dinner.

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