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National Potato Day

On Sunday I planned out my weekly menu (well actually Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday) as I think it will be pizza Thursday night and Friday night--who knows? Anyway, I decided Wednesday would be a big pot of potato soup. Then this morning I look at my Google calendar and I see National Potato Day listed. Who knew I was fixing potato soup on National Potato Day? Potatos are a favorite food in my household--mashed, baked, fried, you name it. It seems National Potato Day is celebrated in the US on October 27 to celebrate the uses of the potato. From the web site Mahalo, celebrations of National Potato Day may include indulging in a hhost of your favorite dishes, starting the day with a hash brown breakfast, lunch of a bowl of potato soup or a french fry fest trying the fries of a number of restaurants in a food court (boy that one fits me but not into my Weight Watchers points with a weigh-in tomorrow). I'll settle on a bowl of potato soup for dinner.

Sunday drive

Took a drive today and visited two wineries in Iowa—Dale Valley Vineyard near Stuart and Penoch in Adel. This was a first time visit to Dale Valley and our second visit to Penoch. Great wines and pourers.

a little bit of Heaven

A little Princess (and her brother) spent the day with us today. This little Princess is the first baby I just can't seem to get down for a nap. After trying and failing with a morning nap, I did manage to get her down for an hour nap this afternoon. After waking up and a drink and snack, I took her outside to explore so her brother could finish his nap undisturbed. We had lots of fun exploring the neighborhood. It is so cute to see her walking down the sidewalk all on her own.

[Supplies used:  Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Friday Template 23 and Kelley Mickus' Beautiful You Kit, which is part of the October Daily Digi files.]
I highly recommend checking out Jessica's Photoshop Friday seriesfor a weekly Photoshop tutorial, plus a digital template and a  printable technique sheet for a layout you can complete in 30 minutes or less! Check back each week - ALL new episodes are only $1.00 from Wednesday through Friday!

Pampered Chef Stoneware does not belong in my house

You all know about Molly and her penchant to try and find food anywhere? Last night I took out the oven a cookie sheet, my square Pampered Chef stoneware pan and my small bar pan and placed them on the counter to preheat the oven. I stepped out of the kitchen for just a second and hear a crash. Molly had pulled the cookie sheet and pans off the counter and the two pieces of stoneware were in many pieces. My husband had just handed me $20, a birthday gift from his mother. He said, "Now you know what you can spend your $20 on."  I told him it might cover the small bar pan, but no way would it cover both.

Sad day in my Kingdom

Today we put down one of our four-legged friends. Her name was Maddie and she came into my life as a birthday present on October 19, 1998. She had the sunniest disposition, and we are going to miss her. There is a big hole in my heart right now and tears have been flowing off and on all day.
Maddie was our second beagle. Jeremy and I had brought Molly into our hearts and home in 1995. She was so loved, but always in trouble.  When my birthday rolled around in 1998 Roger looked in the papers and saw a litter of beagles for sale and we took a Sunday drive and fell in love with her on sight.  She was the most beautiful beagle puppy I'd ever seen.  She had a little attention deficit thing going--fit in really well in the Jorgenson household.  We added a third beagle a year later when I spotted Max in the street on my way to work.  His age is unknown, but is somewhere between Maddie and Molly.

Molly developed Cushings about 3 or 4 years ago and hobbles around our house.  Max has become …

Last of September Sweet & SImple

Sweet and Simple

I'm working on finishing up my Sweet & Simple / Life 365 pages for August.