Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trying Kevin and Amanda's tutorial on saving and sizing your image for blogging

I decided to follow Kevin and Amanda's Basic of Photoshop1, Layers and Saving and Sizing for blogging tutorials.

Here's a photo of my precious grandchildren (who would have rather been running around the fountain instead of posing for pictures) straight out of the camera, full size:
I sharpened the photo and ran a couple free actions from The Pioneer Woman. You can download sets 1 and 2 here: The Pioneer Woman Actions. I started out with Fresh and Colorful, using the settings from Kevin and Amanda's tutorial Basic of Photoshop 1 and then Warmer.  Next I resized it to 400 pixels wide and sharpened it once again.  This is my final result (400 pixels wide):
This one I sized the photo at 600 pixels wide to see which size works best:

Check out Kevin and Amanda's tutorials on sharpening and resizing your photos in Photoshop so they are sharp, crisp, and sized perfectly for your blog.

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