Sunday, September 19, 2010

The story of two boys, their trains, and the people who love them

Thomas the Train came to a city near us. A couple years ago we went and rode the train with Luke, Cailey, Mia, Carrie and David. This was shortly after Grampa started his hobby of collecting N-gauge trains. Grampa's hobby is still going strong, if not stronger. We now have two more grandchildren who love Thomas and "train tracks." So today we were invited by Jeremy and Sarah to join them, Jaren, and Keira to see "train tracks." The weather was drizzly all day, but it couldn't put a damper on our fun.
The little boy(s) and girl(s) in front of Thomas
Thomas pulling into the train station to take us on our ride
Grandma with Keira and Jeremy, Sarah and Jaren waiting for the "All Aboard"
The big boy with a steam locomotive
The big boy again with his steam locomotive

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