Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feeling better

I started not feeling good last night while watching America's Got Talent and the Big Brother. Started aching all over when I went to bed and woke up all achy so stayed home. By noon I started feeling better but am enjoying my day home.
I was supposed to babysit this sweetie and his baby sister this afternoon but because I wasn't feeling good earlier today and because he is to have tubes in his ears in a few days, it was decided that someone else should watch them.

I then decided to catch up on my Sweet and Simple/Life 365 pages. I'm now caught up. I did miss taking pictures two days last week--something that has only happened a handful of times so far this year.
I used Gina Marie Huff's Sweet & Simple Pages - September '10 - 3/4 Photo products, available at Weeds and  Wildflowers.

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