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Feeling better

I started not feeling good last night while watching America's Got Talent and the Big Brother. Started aching all over when I went to bed and woke up all achy so stayed home. By noon I started feeling better but am enjoying my day home.
I was supposed to babysit this sweetie and his baby sister this afternoon but because I wasn't feeling good earlier today and because he is to have tubes in his ears in a few days, it was decided that someone else should watch them.

I then decided to catch up on my Sweet and Simple/Life 365 pages. I'm now caught up. I did miss taking pictures two days last week--something that has only happened a handful of times so far this year.
I used Gina Marie Huff's Sweet & Simple Pages - September '10 - 3/4 Photo products, available at Weeds and  Wildflowers.


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I previously posted about my Thornton relatives and their land purchases in Polk County, Iowa. Today I'm going to take you back to the beginning of the Thornton family that I have proven. Thomas Thornton (6th great grandfather) was born about 1709, the son of William Thornton. About 1734 he married Martha  Boykin. Thomas died in 1762 in Northampton, North Carolina. It is believed that Thomas and Martha converted to the Quaker religion, probably converting in Virginia. Before this, they were part of the Puritan sect of the Church of England. They left Virginia and went to North Carolina, among a large Quaker neighborhood, including the Cooks, Wrights, and Wells, all part of my Quaker heritage. Thomas and Martha had two known children: Thomas A. (b. about 1739, d. before April 1783) and Rebecca Thornton (b. 21 May 1743). Thomas A. was my 5th great-grandfather and Rebecca both a great-aunt and my 5th great grandmother, hence one part of my twisted tree. Thomas A. Thornton (5th great…

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Just returned from a couple days in Omaha to celebrate our 35th anniversary. Had a great time and visited places we've never been before. We stayed in Carter Lake near the airport. We arrived on Sunday, the same day the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge opened up. This bridge is a cable-style and is beautiful. We walked over it on Monday and the lighting was perfect for some beautiful sky pictures. Besides walking over the bridge, we also visited Freedom Park, Lauritzen Gardens, and the Old Market area.

Lauritzen Gardens was a photographers dream come true. I will definitely return again. It is beautiful and the flower gardens are amazing. Of special interest is the Train Garden--a must for any train lover (or train lover's wife). Oh, did I mention we also saw the Big Boy?

Two of the Union Pacific Railroads' greatest locomotives sit across the parking lot from Lauritzen Gardens and visible to passersby on Interstate 80. On display are Centennial No. 6900 - the largest a…