Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fun with the grands

Had everyone over tonight for the Easter egg hunt. This was Jaren's first year and he had a blast. Had to re-hide eggs for him to find. We use a combination of foil-wrapped Nestle Crunch, Butterfinger, and Hershey's eggs along with the plastic eggs that are filled with either (1) jelly beans, (2) M&M's, and (3) money. Miss Mia focused her attention on the large plastic eggs bypassing the foil wrapped ones. We even got Keira in the game with her own bag and a plastic egg. The older grands got battery-powered bubble guns that were a big hit.

Easter egg hunts have always been a tradition in our family, and we continued to have them for our two kids well into their teens. They may have been embarrassed to be seen hunting them, but the competition was still very much present.

We held it tonight instead of Easter Sunday because part of the family will be traveling out-of-town for the weekend. I think this worked out better as the night was warm and beautiful. Actually it was HOT! Sunday sounds like it might be rainy.

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