Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Interview with Cailey

As part of this class I am taking called Type+Writer, yesterday's assignment with a great strategy for journaling: including direct quotes from those around you. It could either be something that arised spontaneously, but in my case I came up with some questions to ask Cailey. I think my questions were pretty lame, but this is what I came up with:

Journaling reads:

I called you tonight to ask you some questions for my Type+Write assignment. You are not a really big talker so I prepared some questions to ask. My first question was who is your best friend and it came as no surprise when you said it was your sister Mia. Today for breakfast you had Kix, which you think is made from wheat or whole grains. Your favorite place in your house is your bed in your room and outside. You like the outside because you get to ride your bike, jump rope, draw with chalk, play in the back yard, and sometimes pick green beans from your garden. I was completely unprepared for the answer I received when I asked you where you like to go for rides in the car and why.

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