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Interview with Cailey

As part of this class I am taking called Type+Writer, yesterday's assignment with a great strategy for journaling: including direct quotes from those around you. It could either be something that arised spontaneously, but in my case I came up with some questions to ask Cailey. I think my questions were pretty lame, but this is what I came up with:

Journaling reads:

I called you tonight to ask you some questions for my Type+Write assignment. You are not a really big talker so I prepared some questions to ask. My first question was who is your best friend and it came as no surprise when you said it was your sister Mia. Today for breakfast you had Kix, which you think is made from wheat or whole grains. Your favorite place in your house is your bed in your room and outside. You like the outside because you get to ride your bike, jump rope, draw with chalk, play in the back yard, and sometimes pick green beans from your garden. I was completely unprepared for the answer I received when …

Happy Anniversary

Thanks Roger for 36 years!

My weekend

I had a very busy weekend. Started the weekend out with the grands spending the night Friday night and took them to a birthday party for a great nephew who turned one. Saturday night Roger and I saw Wicked at the Civic Center, which was Wicked*ly good.

Today we did our fall tradition of visiting Howell Tree Farm. Jaren and Keira are still a little small to fully enjoy it, but I think they had a good time. The boys did, however, crash for awhile and got a power nap in.There was hay to climb on.
Pumpkins to pick. Luke picked out a 70 cent gourd. Mia selected a five pound pumpkin and Cailey's was 55 pounds. Pumpkins were selling for 39 cents per pound, which translates to Cailey's pumpkin costing almost $20.
Flowers to enjoy.
and swings to swing on.

More pictures are available on my photostream at Flickr at

I've finally got caught up on my assignments for the class I'm taking at
Had, what I think was, a very succesful neighborhood meeting last night. There has been some talk about gun ownership while talking to various neighbors. Can't see myself with one, but here is a brave woman trying to figure the thing out when her husband decides to teach her a lesson. Thanks to Jeremy for this YouTube video.

I'm taking a class

I'm taking a class at called Type+Writer. It is a two week course where one day I receive a journaling prompts and writing guidance video techniques for typography, which I'll then consolidate each of these lessons and create *six* layouts from all-new templates, supposedly to allow me to focus on the words that preserve my memories AND improve my skills with the Type tool. I supposedly will end the class with a whole new confidence in my writing abilities (yes, when pigs fly), a "heart filled with appreciation for all you love in life, and awesome Photoshop skills to last a lifetime."

Here is my first layout

The list is 2,280 miles driven, 3 wineries and breweries visited, 120 trains we saw, 50 hours spent in t he car, 3 hours white water rafting, 3 trails hiked, 1 Adventure. The journaling reads "Our trip to colorado was so much fun. It turned out to be a railroad-theme vacation, including riding the cog railroad to the top of P…

Happy Birthday Luke

Mr. Luke turned four last months and celebrated with a Transformer birthday party.

The layout was based on Template Pack 7 by Kaye Winiecki(The Supplies used included Scrap Simple Paper Template Shapes Pinked Edge Stars by Ursula Schneider (; Paper and embellishments from Party Boy Mini Kit by Megan Turnidge ( used were Howie's Stamps Lowfat and Latha.

Little Rail Cheerleaders

Yesterday Cailey and Mia participated in an ALHS Rails Cheerleading camp after school where they learned cheers, ate dinner with other little Rails and the ALHS cheerleaders and then cheered at the start of the varsity game. Lincoln was playing Dowling and unfortunately lost. It was a good game, though, and then we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream afterwards.

More pictures from the game last night:

Children of the broom corn

20090907_0059, originally uploaded by queenshakenbake. Although this might look like a field of corn the kids are standing in, it is actually several rows of broom corn. It is cut, dried, and the tassels are then used by the broom maker at Living History Farms to make brooms.

A Wonderful Labor Day

Today we visited Living History Farms with Carrie's family. The grandkids helped bring in wood at the store owners house in Walnut.

When we got to the 1850s farm, the lady was cleaning up from their noon meal. She asked Luke if he'd like to help, to which he said yes. She had some milk remaining in the milk can that needed to be taken out to the pigs. She poured it into a pitcher and handed it to Luke. He was very careful carrying it out to the pigs so as to not spill any (or get any on himself since it might have smelled a bit). I was trying to shoot a video with my new camera but accidentally hit the stop button so didn't get it all, but this small section of video shows the proud and happy little guy after completing this very important chore.

Here are some pictures of him carrying the milk to the pigs:

After the day at the Farms, we headed over to the Machine Shed for a farm-style dinner. Fantastic day.

Sorry for the orange photo...didn't take time to clean any of…