Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Roger's gold mine

Those of you who know Roger (family) probably knows how he loves to watch the ground for interesting things. It isn't uncommon for him, while I'm driving, to see a box or bag besides the highway or street and say I bet it has something valuable inside it. I, being the driver, just keeps on going.

Yesterday as he was pulling into the hotel parking lot, he is looking at the ground and says, "there's two dollars back there." He parks the car and walks back to pick up the two dollars. I see him bend over six times picking something up. He comes back with three $5s and three $1s. That bought us dinner at Pizza Hut. WTG Roger.


Queen Shake N Bake's Daughter said...

Sharp eyes, Dad!

James said...

So when he's telling a boring story, he can paraphrase it with.. "and then I found 18 bucks"

And one time I was at the Babe and the Blue Ox ride at MoA.. and I found $20. True story. :)