Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mid-week update

I've managed to scrap a few pages. I need to complete the layout of my 365 photos for last week and get to Costco and pick up 3 weeks worth of layouts. Have managed to get out on my bike a couple times and gone to soccer games.

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Queen Shake N Bake's Daughter said...

First of all, tell Dad the only reason I sneak a nibble of David or the kids' bacon at breakfast is because it reminds me of camping as a kid. That smell is totally imprinted in my head!

Love the window layout with the squirrel. What a funny squirrel he is.

I've seen the picture of grandma and grandpa before, but it just hit me that they both had DARK hair! Come to think of I, I was the only blonde, huh?

And of course, Jaren is such a cutie. Can't go wrong with a picture of him!