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Relaxing Sunday and Countdown to Iowa Midwest Crop

Spent a relaxing Sunday with family and scrapping. Had lunch with Jeremy, Sarah, and Jaren and then off to Babies R Us to get Jaren a new forward-facing car seat for when he turns 1 in 4 weeks. Then it was off to watch the girls' soccer game. The sun was shining and it was around 83 degrees--a beautiful day. It is fun to watch their skills and confidence grow as they are now getting into the action more and more. The heat started to get to them though and you could see them start to wind down.

After soccer we came home and I did a layout for a challenge in which I had to use a provided paint strip. I really like how it turned out.

Supplies used were: Paint chip by Hummie (; AMC_SSEmb_DoodlePad_1a-Paper (; karen_texturedoverlay2 and
karen_texturedoverlay6 (; and Maskee Quick Bits Clipping Masks Designs by Marcee Duggar (Layer_S2_Mask5) (

Only 6 more days to Iowa Midwest Crop sponsored by Digital Scrapbook …

Beautiful weekend gone crappy and project 365

I've been noticing for several weeks that I can't manually focus on one of my lenses. Then the last two days, when I try to shoot in the aperture, shutter, or manual mode, the pics come out way too dark, even though my meter in manual mode say's its right on. So today I took the camera and the lens to Christian Photo to get their opinion. The lens housing is pulling apart, apparently from a drop or something. I left it with them for repair and it is going to cost me between $150 and $250. They said the camera also needs repaired.

The camera was purchased on ebay from a store that goes by various names, including Cyber Discount Warehouse and Shop Sunshine, along with a 3-year platinum warranty from a company called RepairTech. I tried contacting them, only to find they are out of business and I'm out of luck. So now I'm going to have to pay out of my pocket to get it fixed too. Nikon is estimating around $170 to repair it. So I'm (1) going to be without a…

Dinner with the family

We got together with all the kids and grand kids on Thursday for dinner at Bordenaros. Jaren showed us his new tricks--clapping and using his pinchers to pick up finger foods.

Luke showed Grandpa his "stance" and grandpa tried his own. Wish I had had my camera. The girls had to sit on each side of grandpa. There were some great pictures colored and drawn and words written. I am so glad we are able to do this on a regular basis.

Memorial Day and family rememberances

Yesterday was the official Memorial Day holiday. I picked up a bunch of geraniums at Wal-Mart and picked up G.G. and headed out to Laurel Hill. I took a bucket, scrub brush, and a spade to trim around the stones. Geraniums are the flower my mother has, as long as I can remember, placed on the graves on Memorial Day.

We started off at her father's grave where I placed two geraniums. His name was Roy Clinton Thornton and he died in 1937 on his way from home to go to work at his first job in five years. On his way to the job he suffered a heart attack. He died on his way to Broadlawns General hospital. The story, as told to me by my mother, was that it was a very cold, icy January day. Family members down the street were watching for him to come by and when they didn't see him, they went in search of him and found him on the ground. The job Thornton was to have started was at the Wood Brothers Threshing Machine Co., near E. Fourteenth St. and Aurora Ave. During the time h…

What I did on Sunday

Went to bed Sunday morning at 3 a.m. after sitting up with Rog watching a movie; got up at 6:15 when Max determined it was time to go out and eat. I finished the layout of Jeremy with Jaren and then did the layout of Maddie with Roger. After finishing these, we went to Costco to pick up some 12x12 prints, then came back to the South Side and had lunch (and a pitcher of margaritas) at La Hacienda.

Afterwards we came home and took a 2 hour nap. We then went to a graduation party for a great niece and found a home for sale in a great neighborhood and about $20,000 below assessed value.

We left the graduation party and Roger accompanied me while I went and took some nighttime photos at Gray's Lake, the Temple for Performing Arts, and the Capitol.

Next we washed the car and when we finished that we visited Wally-World (at 10 p.m.) to buy car wax and other miscellaneous stuff. Got home at 11 p.m. and did a 2-page layout of my memorial photos. It is now 2:32 a.m. and I'm goin…

Lest We Forget.....

It is Memorial Day Weekend and yesterday as an extended family we visited the cemeteries. We started out the day at Sunset Memorial Gardens to visit Grandpa Bob's grave (Roger's father). The kids questioned why Maxine didn't have two dates like Grandpa Bob's. It was explained to them that she was still living and when she passes on, the second date would be added.

After we left Sunset Memorial Gardens, we picked up G.G. and went to Laurel Hill Cemetery, where my dad and most of my mom's family is buried. We only visited my dad's, though, because she can no longer make it up the hills to their gravesites. Tomorrow I will go back out there and plant flowers and clean up around my grandparents, great grandparents, and uncles and aunts sites.

While visiting my dad's grave, Mia notices the stone to his right with G.G.'s name on it. She asked if I was going to put flowers on that one also. I explained that G.G. was still living, to which Cailey, in her big s…

Mid-week update

I've managed to scrap a few pages. I need to complete the layout of my 365 photos for last week and get to Costco and pick up 3 weeks worth of layouts. Have managed to get out on my bike a couple times and gone to soccer games.

What Grandma Has Been Doing

Wow, I didn't realize it has been20 days since I last blogged. Work has been zapping me and I haven't been doing much. Here's what I've done since last posting:

Watched the girls play soccerWatched Dancing with the Stars and rode bike
Board meeting; watched American Idol and Dancing with the Stars
Board meeting; watched Luke play soccer; watched American Idol
Swine flu n/k/a H1N1Swine flu n/k/a H1N1Chillin with JarenAmerican IdolDancing with the Stars (Go Shawn)Bike ridingMowing andweedingScrapping
Shopping & planting flowersWatched girls play soccerWatched Luke roll around on ground during soccer gameDinner with family at Scornovaccos
Watched American IdolWatched Dancing with the Stars (Go Shawn)MowingShopping and planting more flowersChillin with JarenDinner with Roger at Macaroni GrillScrapping
Breakfast with family for Mother's dayWii bowling; had my best games last weekend--a 604 series for three games with my high game a 224. Spent a couple nights bowling wit…