Monday, April 6, 2009

I didn't do any scrapping last week. Been catching up on my 365 layout and doing some challenges at

This lay-out (lei-out) was done for "X Marks the Spot" challenge (lei-out that has the word SWEET in honor of April) and "Snorkeling Lessons" (combining two or more papers). The car I photographed at Hardee's during one of their Friday night car shows.

These were my photos for the 13th week of 2009. Thursday is an out-of-focus finch I photographed at our bird feeder. Friday I visited Jason's grave on what would have been his 31st birthday. It would have also been my Brother's 62nd birthday. My paternal grandmother also was born on the 27th of March. Saturday night Roger and I spent another night in playing Wii games. Sunday I caught some snow still hanging around in my bird bath. Monday night Jeremy and Jaren stopped by for a visit. He had the tongue sticking out thing going on. Tuesday I spent my lunch in my car reading in McRae Park and photographing these geese. Wednesday Roger and I took the girls to their soccer practice.

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Queen Shake N Bake's Daughter said...

This 365 project is really cool. I'm thinking perhaps I'll have my students to a 180 project next year!