Tuesday, September 30, 2008

35 Years Married to This Great Guy

Just returned from a couple days in Omaha to celebrate our 35th anniversary. Had a great time and visited places we've never been before. We stayed in Carter Lake near the airport. We arrived on Sunday, the same day the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge opened up. This bridge is a cable-style and is beautiful. We walked over it on Monday and the lighting was perfect for some beautiful sky pictures. Besides walking over the bridge, we also visited Freedom Park, Lauritzen Gardens, and the Old Market area.

Lauritzen Gardens was a photographers dream come true. I will definitely return again. It is beautiful and the flower gardens are amazing. Of special interest is the Train Garden--a must for any train lover (or train lover's wife). Oh, did I mention we also saw the Big Boy?

Two of the Union Pacific Railroads' greatest locomotives sit across the parking lot from Lauritzen Gardens and visible to passersby on Interstate 80. On display are Centennial No. 6900 - the largest and most powerful diesel-electric locomotive ever built - and Big Boy No. 4023 - the world's largest steam locomotive.

We also managed to help out the economy of Nebraska (Ugg boots and shoes for me)and Council Bluffs (specifically the Bass Pro Shop where Roger got socks and gloves and I got a couple shirts and hoodie along with a couple pairs of socks). Before leaving to come home today we went in search of train stores in Omaha. The first two were closed (they seem to have limited hours they are open). We did hit pay dirt at House of Trains where Roger was able to buy some more stuff for his trains.

On the way home we stopped at Breezy Hills Winery in Minden where we sampled some wines and bought five bottles. They directed us to a Stephanie's restaurant in Elk Horn and another winery. We found Stephanies but not the winery.

Uncle Lloyd took care of our beagle children while we were gone--thank you so much.


Queen Shake N Bake's Daughter said...

You got some great pictures from this trip!

scrapperjen said...

Congrats and happy belated anniversary! Your photos are fantastic.