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Using Actions

Here's a landscape photo I took last month I've been playing around with tonight using different actions.

Jaren and parents

Here is a picture I took of Baby Jaren and Mom and Dad SOOC and after processing.

Family Photos

Had dinner with the kids and grandkids tonight. Sarah's sister was in town and joined us for dinner. After dinner we went out to take our family photo--a tradition I want to continue to try and do each July. Sarah's sister, who is a photographer, took the pictures for us so I didn't have to use the tripod. We got some really great photos. I also received my July ScrapSimple club yesterday and used it to created a layout for the group photo taken at Aunt Evie's 90th birthday celebration. Below is the layout and a couple pictures taken tonight. The pictures are SOOC--no retouching has been done.

Zoo Visit with Carrie and grandchildren

I've visited the zoo twice this month. The first visit was on July 2 with Carrie and Cailey, Mia, and Luke. We spent the day there visiting the animals, riding the train, playing on the playground equipment and seeing the elephant show. There was two special visitors, two Asian elephants, Rosie and JP. In the afternoon there was a program showcasing the elephants. Luke fell asleep during the show and when we were in the van on our way home, he started crying. He didn't want to leave the zoo; he didn't get to see the elephant show. Grandpa and I took just Luke on Saturday and I'll get those pictures scrapped and posted soon.

Catching up with the Jorgensons

I haven't posted in awhile--no reason really other than busy doing other things. Friday night went with my daughter and granddaughters for a "girls night out" to see Kit Kittredge and have dinners. They picked me up and the girls asked their mother to select a song on the CD that was playing--Girls night out and then asked to have it turned up. Went to dinner at Fazolis and then the movie. Saturday Grandpa and I took Luke to the zoo. I had been to the zoo with daughter and grandchildren on July 2. We have a traveling elephant exhibit and they put on a show. Unfortunately Luke fell asleep during the show on July 2 and cried about it all the way home. So Grandpa, Luke and I spent the day at the zoo yesterday. I've got to get the pictures loaded on my camera and get some layouts done for both zoo visits.

Last night I finalized these two layouts I've been working on.