Monday, June 9, 2008

Hey, Good Lickin'

Today's assignment for my Month of Memories class was take a picture of an animal. Took several of all the dogs this morning, using treats. Then tonight I took Molly out in the front yard since she is the only one I can tell drop and she will do it. Max wants to investigate the camera and gets right in your face; Maddie, well Maddie is Maddie. I took several pictures, playing around with Manual mode versus automatic mode. The picture in this layout came as quite a shock to me when I looked at them. I was in rapid shoot mode--just kept shooting--and this picture was one of them I caught. Quite a tongue she has.

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Queen Shake N Bake's Daughter said...

You'll have to read the book Marley and Me. I'm reading an adapted version to the girls. Dog who goes crazy during storms, sound familiar? During the chapter we read tonight the dog used his tongue to "lick" the locks of his kennel open. :) That's quite a tongue Molly has there!