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Another Jaren Brag Book photo

Here were his first "non-family" visitors--Tyler Fischer and his girlfriend and Ashleah, Dan, and Carter. Ashleah and Tyler grew up next door to us and are as close as family.

I also have ready a "first bath" layout, I just need photos. I'm hoping I can borrow some from Sarah's camera when I go up today.

I've got to get back to finishing up my "Month of Memories" assignments. I'm behind a few days. Here is my layout for day Jun 27 (I just noticed I have the wrong month on it so will need to fix it). Day 27 was exploration or discovery.

Welcome Jaren Jorgenson

Today Jaren Jorgenson entered the world at 7:42 a.m. weighing in at 6 pounds 4 ounces, 18 inches long.

Month of Memories Update

The assignment was to turn a picture into black and white (I did sepia print). This farm is along Scotch Ridge Road between Carlisle and Hwy 65-69.

The assignment was to scrap an accomplishment or something I've done that I'm proud of...need I say more?

This assignment was to photograph something to do with power, strength or conviction. Went up to the capitol to photograph the war monuments for conviction, but ended up using this picture of our beautiful state capitol and where I worked for 16 years.

My latest layouts

It is Sunday morning and I've been working on a layout for Jeremy's birthday. Supplies used include

Styles: Christy Skaggs: Blue
Actions: Pioneer Woman Action set 1 on photos
Papers and elements are from Doreen Stolz Kit: Rustic Fields

Month of Memories Update

Day 18 was a landscape. I am really pleased with how this turned out.Today was a group shot so I took a picture of my favorite group.
The assignment for day 16 was changing your point of view.
Day 15 was honoring the Fathers.

Day 14--What color are you

Saturday's assignment was to take three pictures of the same color family. This is my pictures and layout. I did a two-page layout for this one.

Father's Day

Spent a nice quiet Father's Day at home with Roger. Met the kids and their families for lunch at Famous Dave's--always a favorite with the men. I meant to get a group picture of the guys and kids, but forgot to do it beforehand and then Jeremy and Sarah left a few minutes before us. I have pictures of everyone except Sarah--she was in the bathroom when I was taking pictures. When we came home Roger laid down for a nice long nap, sleeping until almost 10 p.m. Of course he has to go to work while I sleep.

I took one car load of equipment and files down to the office and unloaded this afternoon while Roger slept. I've also been scrapping. Today's assignment was honoring fathers. Here is my layout I did for this assignment. I did the first one and then later decided to add the name badge to the layout. Not sure which one I like best.

I also scrapped a couple larger layouts--one honoring the Fathers and the other one of me and Luke. I don't scrap many pictures o…

Friday, the 13th

Today's assignment for my Month of Memories was to take a picture of my house and scrap it.

Jeremy's Birthday Celebration--You're a Winner

To celebrate Jeremy's 29th birthday, we went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner followed by bowling afterwards. These are a few of the pictures I took.

Month of Memories Update

Here are my days 11 and 12 of my Month of Memories class. Day 11, which was Jeremy's birthday, was creativity. I think it was a pretty lame creativity photo, but had to work with what I had. Day 12 was called Peaceful Easy Feeling or what brings me tranquility.

I'll post in a bit some pictures from Jeremy's birthday.

Day 10: Action Photo

Today's assignment was an action photo. Since I had been up since 2 (my mind wouldn't shut down coming up with plans of action in case our office would flood), I went out before work down by Sec Taylor Stadium (for us stubborn people who refuse to call it Principal Park) to take some action photos of the river and perhaps catch some sandbagging. When I got to work we had an Email from our management company saying because of the improvements implemented after the 500 year flood in 1993, we were in no danger. Went to lunch at noon and when I returned at 1 learned that we needed to move everything out or at least six feel off the floor. I ran out to buy as many boxes as I could get my hands on. The Health Department asked for 12 volunteers to come assist us--they were a lifesaver. Luckily I had my camera with me and took a few seconds to catch some real action shots.

Hey, Good Lickin'

Today's assignment for my Month of Memories class was take a picture of an animal. Took several of all the dogs this morning, using treats. Then tonight I took Molly out in the front yard since she is the only one I can tell drop and she will do it. Max wants to investigate the camera and gets right in your face; Maddie, well Maddie is Maddie. I took several pictures, playing around with Manual mode versus automatic mode. The picture in this layout came as quite a shock to me when I looked at them. I was in rapid shoot mode--just kept shooting--and this picture was one of them I caught. Quite a tongue she has.

First Page in Jaren's Baby Album

I got motivated today and scrapped the first page in Jaren's baby book using a few of the pictures I took tonight.

Day 8: New Beginnings

When I saw today's assignment I right away knew what I was going to shoot. I spent the morning working on my layout, and all I needed was the picture. Jeremy and Sarah came over tonight and I took several photos. I had to shoot them inside because it was raining and the lighting was not what I wanted. I made the photo black and white and while moving it onto my layout and create a clipping mask to my photo holder, I realized I loved it the way it looked--the photo with my journaling on top so I just left it at that.

Month of Memories, Days 2-7

I was going to post daily my assignments for the Month of Memories Class, but have taken way too much time creating my layouts (plus it has been a very hectic week). The following pictures are in reverse order.

Day 7: Contrast was the assignment.

Day 6: Self Portrait. I played around with doing a "Wilson" from "Tool Time" but ended up showing my whole face:

Day 5: Funny. Wasn't finding anything too funny this day since I was up all night with Molly and was having serious thoughts how much longer she can go on with this level of terror of storms and fireworks:

Day 4: Journey. Mia's posed journey going for a walk in the neighborhood:

Day 3: Candid. Again, a posed portrait for the occasion. I'm terrible:

Day 2: Lucky. Not sure how much you could consider this a lucky shot since I drove directly to Gray's Lake to get a shot of the flooding. I guess it is lucky because hopefully if I went back there in August there would be no flooding.

Month of Memories

I'm participating in "A Month of Memories" class over at, taught by Mary Elizabeth O'Toole. Yesterday was Day 1, and we could take a picture of anything, and this is the picture and layout I created. I had forgotten all about the class starting until late in the day and when I remembered I took this picture of Lukey with his boo-boo on his face.

I had had everybody over for dinner, and the kids were out in the living room playing, drawing, and watching TV while us big folks were sitting around the table in the kitchen. Luke comes running in crying and I picked him up. Carrie became concerned immediately because that was his I'm scared cry. I got him calmed down enough to realize he had somehow hurt himself. He had a small cut under his lower lip and a line on the side of his face. We had followed his sisters into the "office" (the room where my husband and I each have our computers set up) while they got a stapler. They left the ro…