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What is Grandma doing today?

Today is Saturday, a day I should be out shopping till I drop. Last night I was driving the "sled" (a/k/a Marquis) and my PT was in the garage. This morning I woke to a light snow and it has continued to fall all day. Because of my recent driving record, Roger did not want me to take the sled out today but I had shopping to do at Hobby Lobby, Best Buy, Hy-Vee, and either SouthRidge or Jordan Creek Mall, plus I planned on going to Aspen to work out. When I went out to start the sled to jockey cars around I found out it wouldn't start, and so I couldn't get the PT out of the garage. So here I am sitting at home with no book to read and nothing worth watching on TV.
The good news is that Sandy came home from the hospital yesterday and my Mom today. Yea!!! My Christmas wish is that they both are able to stay out of the hospital until the end of t his year at least.
I am scrapping some pages of pictures I took last Sunday when the grandchildren were over to help decorate th…

Winter Ice Storm

We were hit by a winter storm today and I decided not to venture out and took a day of vacation. We were first hit by ice and then some snow. We didn't get as much snow as expected, and we lucked out on the ice too. Fifteen miles south of here they had ice one inch thick. Because of my experience last Thursday night on the ice and hitting one car and getting hit by three others, I think I made a wise decision. It gave me plenty of time to reestablish my computer (after the fourth crash in six months) and take some pictures.

Decorating the Tree

The grandchildren came over on Sunday to help me decorate the Christmas tree. Luke, who is two, wanted to place all ornaments on the same branch.

Cailey and Mia went outside afterwards to play in the snow and make snow angels. Luke wanted to go outside too, but he didn't have snow pants so we only let him go outside for a little while.