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Roger and I started a new hobby--geocaching. Here is Roger walking through the brush trying to find the Ash-Works cache.

The next picture is of him checking his coordinates. The third picture is with our find (I found this one). The last picture is returning from our hunt across the Raccoon River via the railroad trestle.

Luke and Grandma

Roger and I both took a day of vacation today. Tried our hand at geocaching. Failed on our first attempt; found the treasure on our second and failed on our third. Need more experience. Had fun hiking the trails though.

Father's Day

Today was Father's Day. Roger and I started the day off with "family" photos, followed by a shopping expedition to Scheels and Sports Authority for more fishing gear. Roger is really excited about his and the "boys" upcoming fishing trip.

Yesterday we met Jeremy, Sarah, Carrie, David, Cailey, Mia, and Luke for lunch at Famous Dave's. We were celebrating Jeremy's 27th birthday and Father's Day. Had my camera with me and got some great pictures. Cailey is the one in sunglasses. I had noticed she has been wearing them inside and she explained she is Thelma from Scooby Doo.

After lunch we went with the Oklands to the Home Expo. All but one house had "theaters." The girls really enjoyed these theaters and were very disappointed the last home did not have one.